OSB offers several possibilities for modern constructions and is suitable for numerous other applications.
OSB stands for "Oriented Strand Board" and is a wood-based product from thin veneer strands are bonded together with a synthetic resin. OSB consists of three cross-oriented layers with the surface of the board formed from strands oriented along the length of the board and the core strands arranged in cross orientation. This crosswise orientation of the individuallayers achieves a high level of dimensional stability and an excellent mechanical performance.

OSB manufactured from high quality coniferous wood. The veneer strands are precisely sliced from the side of clean, debarked wood logs so that the plane of the strand is parallel to the grain of the wood. Thesefreshly cut strands are then dried, sorted and blended with a synthetic resin binder and defined portion of paraffin emulsion.

Because of its bending strength, OSB which is produced by SFCis the ultimate engineered wood product for timber framed constructions. The superior technical parameters of SFC OSBare the result of a carefully controlled process which retains the natural properties of wood. With its light and uniform wood surface it provides an attractive natural appearance and is used for a variety of decorative applications.


  • 1) It is durable and efficient, fast and cheap.
  • 2) The material is easy to process and assemble; a medium-sized house can be built in several weeks.
  • 3) The low weight of the construction means saving concrete and other materials which are necessary for a traditional foundation.
  • 4) The thermal insulation of a construction which uses OSB is much higher.
  • 5) Increased resistance to earthquakes due to the flexibility of the material and the low weight of the construction.
  • 6) You protect the environment, OSB is 100% recyclable.
  • 7) If every year 100.000 more houses were built using wood as raw material, instead of other materials, the CO2 emissions would be cut down by 3 million tons.


  • 1) High level of dimensional stability, homogeneity and uniform density of the board.
  • 2) Exceptionally low thickness tolerances and minimal volume variations.
  • 3) High resistance to the diffusion of water vapours - the OSB Premium (OSB - 3) surface increase the diffusion resistance. The water droplets cannot penetrate and the surface ensures an additional protection against dirt.
  • 4) Excellent bending, pressure and tensile strength.
  • 5) High strength against joints compression.
  • 6) High strength against the out-of-roundness of holes and extraction of nails.
  • 7) Strength of the main axis against high stress.
  • 8) Easy to fit by means of traditional fitting devices.
  • 9) Wide range of sizes.
  • 10) High flexibility for applications due to the excellent performances when processed with traditional wood processing tools.