SFC's Human Resources Mission

The mission of the Human Resources is to create and protect the environment where individuals, teams and organizations' contributions and improvements can be increased, and SFC's employees can be satisfied and be proud of their company.

1. Values and honor of the individuals should be respected. For this, individuals should be encouraged by the cooperation and working environment in order to reach the highest possible performance. Individual rights should be respected. Timely meetings with the employees should be encouraged by the management whether the request comes from the manager or the employee. Directors are responsible for their employees' performance and improvements.

2. Encouraging every single employee to take initiative. And doing that by providing guidance and freedom in order to obtain creative work. Taking risk and innovation are the key for growth. Both attributes should be supported according to mutual respect and unity.

3. Stimulating the improvement of personal talents by right placements, guidance and development practices.

4. Providing equal chances to employees for improving themselves and rewarding the good performance fairly. Performance is evaluated objectively regarding the criteria for the task and rewarded accordingly.

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