SFC Opening to New Markets…

SFC Integrated is conducting expansion strategies towards the East with its OSB product after starting its production in 2011.

In addition to the exports towards close countries like Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Lebanon, in February SFC has made its first exports to India and Iraq.

In such difficult markets like India and China where exporting a product is certainly a hard task, SFC has broken a new ground in its sector and achieved a remarkable success.

After spending 15 days in each of these two countries, SFC Export Team aims to increase the usage and awareness of OSB.

We were at 7th India Wood…

We have exhibited at the 7th India Wood which was held in Bangalore.

During this fair which started on the 10th of February where many international companies were on display, many visitors from all around India have visited our booth and shown interest to our OSB product.

After being the first company to introduce OSB to India, SFC has taken the first order and started its sales.

SFC continues to increase its market share with its newly released product OSB.

With SFC Integrated Forestry Products' Vice Chairman and Sales and Marketing Director Mr. Hakan Ali Gundem, we have discussed SFC's new investment, new products, targets and plans for the future…

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