SFC was established in 1976 in city of Kastamonu where the richest forests are located in Turkey. In 1978, the firm started the production of the first thinmm chipboard in Turkey.

In the following years, the company made several investments in the wood-based panels sector, including its own resin production plant.In 2004, a continuous MDF/HDF production line was commissioned again in Kastamonu which can produce from 2,5 mm up to 60 mm boards. The company works with the leading brands in furniture, door, kitchen, bathroom, construction and decoration areas in the region.

The new investment of OSB production which was completed in July 2011 makes SFC a fully integrated manufacturing facility with 435.000 m2 open and 45.000 m2 closed area. The company targets to be the new OSB brand in Turkey and Middle East.